This is the ultimate guide for Fuller and Johnson engines! 

Cost: $20.00 each, plus shipping (~$5.00)

This 325-page book includes the complete original Fuller & Johnson Story which was published in 1992, plus 32 additional pages of information and photos. The book contains a history of the company, information on various models, resources for collectors, ignition systems, along with sparkplug and timing information.


  • Morris E. Fuller

  • John A. Johnson

  • Fuller & Johnson Manufacturing Company

  • Horse Drawn Equipment

  • Oil-Cooled Engines

  • Vertical Hopper Cooled Engines

  • Double Efficiency Engines

  • People's Priced Engines

  • Model N Engines

  • Model K Engines

  • Model NA Engines

  • Model NB Engines

  • Model NC Engines

  • Model ND Engines

  • Model KA & NK Engines

  • Farm Pump Engines

  • Light Plant Engines

  • Radiator Cooled Engines

  • Other Engines Manufactured

  • Replicas of Fuller & Johnson Engines

  • Resources for the Collector

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