Each year during the Annual Badger Steam and Gas Engine Club Show, the club sponsers the Youth Steam Engine Project.

Girls and boys between the ages of eleven and fifteen are given the opportunity to build a model steam engine.  The club provides the materials and instructions ( with close engineering supervision) at no cost to the children or parents.

Starting with a kit of material, the children will process the material into the pieces needed to assemble a model steam engine.  These procedures includ:

Filing the metal edges with a hand file
Correctly clamping the material into the working frame
Drilling a series of holes on a drill press
Tapping some holes for thread pieces
Pressing in a brass bushing
Chamfer holes with a drill press
Reaming holes and bushing with a drill press
Stamping date on engine base
Final assembly and running the engine

The children are encouraged to bring their engine back each time they attend the annual show and have it displayed in the "Model" building

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<  Kit of Material
Filing   >
<   Filing
Clamping  >
<  Clamping
Drilling  >
<  Drillling
Drilling  >
<  Drilling
Drilling   >
<   Everyone is busy
Inserting the bushing   >
<  Stamping the year on the base
Assembly and test run   >